Malt Yield Forecast for Bitburger: a Toolbox for Data-Driven Brewing Optimization


November 17, 2020


3:05 pm


The knowledge and sophistication behind the process of brewing beer evolved over millennia and is now put into an industrial context with the demand for resource-saving efficiency. The path from the raw ingredients to enjoying cold beer is increasingly complex. To meet this challenge, brewing experts, machine manufacturers and data scientists closely collaborated for creating a toolbox that enables a user-friendly access to data-driven solutions. It includes adaptive modules with built-in requirements and offers guidance to set up own problem-solving components. In this talk, attendees will learn how the toolbox accompanies the brewer in the data mining journey from data acquisition to deployment along a malt yield prediction. Insights about the malt quality are provided as a web app supporting process optimization and supplier negotiations. The established use-case-specific strategy is manifested in a generalized form that is easily applicable to similar problems in other companies.

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