Optimizing towards long term metrics, such as LTV (life-time value), vs. short term metrics, such as CPA (cost per acquisition), is imperative to efficiently manage marketing spend, to improve ROI (return on investment) and for overall growth. Executing towards long term metrics in the digital world is challenging but possible. Most advertising platforms are ready with short term metrics, but don’t let that stop you. Diana had this challenge at VGW: she needed to optimize marketing campaigns towards LTV and was were able to do so by implementing a predictive modelling in partnership with Facebook. A supervised ensemble predictive model using click & view attributed features was build, captured during the on-boarding funnel. The model was back tested and used to analyze via A/B tests various campaign optimization, which led to ultimately improve the ROI of our digital marketing spend. You will walk out of this session with an example on how to implement a predictive model to improve the ROI of digital marketing spend.

From the start Predictive Analytics World has been the place to discuss and share our common problems. These are your people – they understand your situation. Often rated the best session of all, sharing your problems with like-minded professionals is your path to answers and a stronger professional network.There will be two discussion rounds of 20 minutes each. So choose your two most burning topics and discuss with your colleagues.

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Profit margins in the digital publishing business leave no place for flirting with expensive experiments. How to choose an appropriate approach to personalization that works well not only in theory but in the real world? How to ensure cost-efficiency & future-proofness not covered by academic research? How to respond to changing business requirements in no time? Come to this session and draw from the experience of building a pragmatic, real-world personalization platform for 30M users of Ringier Axel Springer.

The talk is a showcase of Scout24’s journey through artificial intelligence (AI) readiness towards enabling machine learning at scale with Scout24 AI Platform. Julia and Olalekan will show how they started into the AI readiness program, how they created momentum, what structural & procedural change necessities were identified, how this kick-start the company’s up-skilling and how a community (AI Ambassadors) to foster cultural and organizational changes was created.

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