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There is no fixed deadline for your submission. Obviously, the earlier you submit, the greater your chances are that you will get accepted. Once the program is finalized, you may still apply as sometimes we need back up speakers. This can happen on short notice (if you have already purchased a ticket and we accept you to speak, you will get a free ticket for next year’s event or you can bring a colleague for free).


Machine Learning Week Europe Virtual 2021 Call for Speakers
Including the Predictive Analytics World & Deep Learning World Conferences
June 14-18, 2021, Virtual Livestream

Speaker proposal deadline: March 31, 2021
Speakers will be notified by: April 30, 2021


Great! You found your way to the speaker application for Machine Learning Week Europe, including the following conferences:

  • Deep Learning World
  • Predictive Analytics World for Business
  • Predictive Analytics World for Climate
  • Predictive Analytics World for Healthcare
  • Predictive Analytics World for Industry 4.0

Before you submit your application, please read the following information carefully:


    1. What are the conferences about? The conferences focus on the practical application of predictive & prescriptive analytics, machine & deep learning, data & text mining and related topics in business, financial, industry, climate, healthcare, government and other verticals and cover analytical and technical as well as economical and organizational questions on a strategic and operational level.
    2. What is special about this conference series: we are vendor neutral and offer a high-quality event with presentations by experts for experts that provide actionable value. We also encourage intensive discussions and Q&A sessions during the event.
    3. Who is the main target audience of the conferences? Most participants are senior data scientists, head of data science, chief data officer or are working in similar roles for well-known companies (DAX, Fortune 500, Unicorns). Our attendees already have a deep knowledge of data science and want to apply data science to solve real business challenges. Many are decision makers and are working in the industry for more than five years.
    4. What are the different session formats?
      • Keynote is a visionary lecture (~30 min.) on a major topic by well-known experts – there are very limited slots!
      • Expert Round (~50 min.): multiple experts have a short 10 minutes presentation about a common topic and then have a joint discussion & Q&A round.
      • Table Discussion (~50 min.): discussion round with the participants on a topic specified and moderated by the speaker.
      • Corona Community Pitch (~10 min.): short presentation of your open source or community project to fight the corona crisis
    5. How many times could / should I submit an application: as many as you like – as long as all applications fulfil the requirements. You can even submit multiple applications for the same conference, e.g. different topics.
    6. Can I add a co-speaker? Yes, but only for expert rounds and if both speakers contribute a significant part to the topic.
    7. Can I submit for my colleague / boss? Submissions by e.g. the marketing or PR department will be rejected.
    8. When are deadlines for the call for speakers? It depends on the conference. The deadlines are listed on the application form. You can submit a proposal even after the deadline because sometimes a speaker must cancel his presentation. It is rare but it does happen and we might move your application in the back up pipeline and / or on the list for next year’s conference.
    9. Do I have to pay for the tickets? No, all speakers can attend all conferences (PAW Industry 2.0, PAW Business, PAW Financial, PAW Climate, PAW Healthcare and Deep Learning World) free of charge.
    10. Do I get free tickets for my colleagues? Yes, we provide one free ticket per speaker, and will also provide you with a discount code for further colleagues.
    11. What if I have to cancel my presentation? Please let us know immediately and, if possible, offer a replacement speaker (the acceptance of the replacement speaker is decided by the program chair). We kindly ask you to check your calendar, your company regulations etc. before you submit your application. If you have to cancel because of an emergency we will still consider you for another event. If you cancel without good reason, you will be blacklisted for all our conferences.
    12. May I present our analytics, data etc. product? No, if you are product provider, we will reject your application. Please ask your clients whether they want to present a concrete project based on your product and let them do the application and presentation. Alternatively, there is a limited number of sponsored slots.
    13. May I present my company? Yes, but on one slide only. If you don’t comply with this rule, we may blacklist you for future conferences. The participants will ask you about your company if your presentation is convincing. So, focusing on your content is the best promotion for your company.
    14. Will there be Q&A at the end of my presentation? Yes, and the Q&A is very important because our audience loves to ask questions.
    15. What will be the procedure after my submission? Our program director will check the submission text and contact you if there are any questions or feedback. At the end, you will get a confirmation or rejection e-mail. If your session is confirmed, we’ll send you an email with a link to register online and more info on the conference. Please register immediately after receiving the link. Otherwise we will assume that you are not available anymore and we may replace your session.
    16. Do I have to send my presentation before the event? Yes, at least two weeks before the event you must send us your presentation. This allows us to check your content and give you feedback. If you don’t submit your presentation in time, we might replace your session.
    17. What’s the perfect presentation? Be open, honest and concrete: How did you solve the problem? What did not work? How much is the benefit in numbers? How did you validate the results? Start understandably for everyone and go increasingly into detail for the experts. Don’t just tell, show a demo, code, figures, examples etc. Sales pitches are not allowed. Convince our attendees with your project, your personality and your expertise.
    18. How do you judge my submission? By the topic and your text. Is the topic business relevant? Is it interesting? Is it recent? Your session title should be short and concise – it should grab the attention of the participants. Your session description should be like a good appetizer to motivate the visitor to attend your session. Specify: name the problem, describe the solution, and quantify the benefit. Give a promise: tell the attendees what they can learn from your session and how they can use this knowledge for their work. No buzzword bingo. No enumerations. No half sentences.


    1. Are you covering the costs for travel and accommodation? No, we don’t. So, please check first with your employer if they will cover your travel and accommodation for your conference visit before you submit your application.
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      So here we go – it’s a lot to take in, but following these guidelines will help you to submit a successful application and hopefully be part of a high quality event that everybody, attendees, sponsors and speakers alike, will get great benefit from. We are looking forward to your application! If you have further questions, feel free to contact us. Thanks!

Speaker Proposal Form

Hints & Tips for Writing Your Abstract

Imagine yourself an attendee sitting in the audience when you give your presentation. What would you like to hear (or not)? What would make a positive impression and make you feel your time well-spent? Consider those questions carefully when you write your abstract.

For starters two quick rules: Don’t be commercial, and don’t overuse buzzwords. Both will lessen your chances of being accepted.

Say enough, but don’t say too much. One sentence – or a list of bullets – is definitely not enough. More than 100 words is usually too much. Express your message fully but succinctly.

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