Image Search and Classification: Comparison between Google Cloud’s Vision and TensorFlow Models


November 19, 2019


3:30 pm


Estrelsaal C1 & C2


Tradera is one of Sweden’s largest online marketplaces with over two million users. Dativa worked with the team at Tradera to implement image based product search and automatic classification of auctions. The major question was whether it’s more cost effective and more accurate to use the standard Google Cloud APIs or to implement from scratch. We tested both approaches – using state of the art TensorFlow neural networks and the Facebook FAISS database, and the standard Cloud Vision APIS. In this presentation we share the journey and the results of the evaluation and demonstrate the service.

The deep dive will cover 4 main topics:
* introduction of Tradera’s ambition with the project and live test by the participants
* development of image classification using 25M images and techniques for achieving higher accuracy
* comparison of a FAISS based solution with Google Cloud Vision APIs and help answer the question what are the main considerations when deciding to build from scratch or using cloud services
* if choosing own FAISS based solution setting up a robust scaleable API in GCP

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