Predictive Analytics World Manufacturing
2-3. February, 2017, Düsseldorf

It’s not often that a German term or concept becomes an international buzzword. And it’s even less seldom that such a term originates from a government initiative. The German federal government has managed to create just such a marvel of innovation by coining the expression “Industry 4.0” as interconnection of industrial production with intelligent information technology at the Hannover Messe 2011. Since then, much has been written and said about Industry 4.0, the Internet of things, smart factories and artificial intelligence. At the Predictive Analytics World Manufacturing, we take it a step further: Our presenters will show you what they have already done in practice at well-known companies and which commercial and economic benefits these companies have drawn from this.

The presentations and lectures at the 2-day conference “Predictive Analytics World Manufacturing” are from experts for experts and introduce and present concrete application cases and business scenarios of Predictive Analytics in the context of industrial production. As attendee, you’ll learn about the ways in which Predictive Analytics can be applied in a wide range of fields and discover how the solutions function in detail. The objective of the Predictive Analytics World is to both inform as well as inspire and it is a forum for the professional exchange between experienced experts and interested newcomers to the industry.

We invite you to take part in this extraordinary event – be it as an attendee, speaker or sponsor. Together, let us translate the vision of an Industry 4.0 into action. We’re looking forward to your participation and your presentation proposals!

Details about 2018 will be released soon.

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Keynote 2017:

Prof. Dr. Wil van der Aalst
Distinguished University Professor
Eindhoven University of Technology

Process Mining based on the Internet of Events

Process mining provides new ways to utilize the abundance of event data in our society. This emerging scientific discipline can be viewed as a bridge between data science and process science: It is both data-driven and process-centric. Process mining provides a novel set of tools to discover the real processes, to detect deviations from normative processes, and to analyze bottlenecks and waste. The Internet of Events (IoE) not only includes classical sources of information like the webpages, information systems, and social media, but also incorporates the Internet of Things (IoT), wearables, mobile devices and Industry 4.0.
Analogous to spreadsheets, process mining provides a generic domain-independent technology (starting from events rather than numbers). In his talk, Wil van der Aalst will argue that process mining should be an integral part of tomorrow’s data scientist. He will introduce basic concepts and elaborate on his collaboration with industry. His research group at TU/e applied process mining in over 150 organizations, developed the open-source tool ProM, and influenced the 25+ commercial process mining tools available today.

Featured Speakers 2017

Prof. Dr. Erika McBride
Prof. Dr. Erika McBride
Director of Advanced Analytics
The Dow Chemical Company
Martin Spitzenpfeil
Martin Spitzenpfeil
Data Scientist
Dr. Marcel Tilly
Dr. Marcel Tilly
Microsoft Research
Jane Zavalishina
Jane Zavalishina
Yandex Data Factory

Brands That Have Attended and Spoken at Predictive Analytics World

Executive summary

The Predictive Analytics World is the leading vendor independent conference for applied predictive analytics around industry 4.0. Business users, decision makers and experts in predictive analytics will meet from 12th until 13th of June 2018 in Munich to discover and discuss the latest trends and technologies in machine & deep learning for the era of Internet of Things and artificial intelligence.

Topic proposals

Past lectures included the following topics:

  • Predictive Maintenance & Logistics
  • Anomaly Detection & Root Cause Analysis
  • Fault Prediction & Failure Detection
  • Risk Management & Prevention
  • Route & Stock Optimization
  • Industry & Supply Chain Analytics
  • Image & Video Recognition
  • Internet of Things & Smart Devices
  • Stream Mining & Edge Analytics
  • Machine ~, Ensemble ~ & Deep Learning
  • Process Mining & Network Analyses
  • Mining Open & Earth Observation Data
  • Edge Analytics & Federated Learning

… and many more related topics

Presentation formats

Keynote: A visionary lecture on a major topic in the area of ​​predictive analytics. 45-50 minutes plus 10 minutes Q & A.

Case Study: Presentation of a concrete application of predictive analytics in industry including clear statements about the economic success of the project. 25 minutes plus 5 minutes Q & A.

Deep Dive: Introduction to a specific technical or analytical topic or guidance for a concrete predictive analytics method or (open source) tool. 50 minutes plus 10 minutes Q & A

Presentation formats for sponsors

We are inviting service providers and product providers to present their services and products to the professional audience in sponsored sessions or sponsored deep dives:

Sponsored Session: Presentation of your own product or customer project by means of examples from the customer’s practice. 25 minutes plus 5 minutes Q & A.

Sponsored Deep Dive: Introduction or guidance on your own product using practical and easy-to-understand examples. No pure presentation – instead, active discussion with the participants and / or the participants can follow the examples on their own computer. 50 minutes plus 10 minutes Q & A. Max. 20 participants.

High proportion of decision-makers (in %)

Professional audience (in %)



Predictive Analytics World for Industry 4.0 Munich
12.- 13. June 2018

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